Black Desert Mobile Treasures Guide

Updated information about released and upcoming Orzeca's treasures in BDM.
(Updated: March 26, 2024. Last checked: March 26, 2024)

Treasure Material How to obtain
"Maintain the Tension of Red Heartbeats to obtain."
Achievement: kill 1 000 000 (1M) monsters in Hadum while having less than 20% HP
(You don't have to do it all at once or with the same character. Go to a low CP hadum map and farm without heals or potions when you have time. You won't see the progress of the achievement until it's completed!)
"Two breaths touch the three leaves. Give to the one who is shunned, but revered."
Give x3500 (Crafted from camp - Spiritbound) to Gorgath in Dias Farmlands
"Something useless on its own—give it to the one who stays in the same place, untouchable by the sun."
Give x500 (12.5M dark coins from Gervaise NPC) to Genoveva in Hadum: Heidel
"The combination of Hadum's Lantern, Kamasylve's Delicate Leaf, and Atanis' Tranquility."
+ +
"Extinguish the heartbeat coming from the relentless eye of the storm."
Rare drop from Ancient Kutum world boss in the Great Desert
"Under the sun, put those awakened from a long slumber back to sleep."
Rare drop from Hystria monsters in the Great Desert
"Give something containing vivid magic to the steadfast ascetic."
Give x420 (Mining Master) to Joaquin Mars in Canyon of Corruption
"Give something that requires old wisdom to the ancient origin."
Give x50 to Pure Water Origin (hover/tap to see location) in Behr River Downstream
"Obtain from esteem in the midst of scorching heat."
Rare drop from Altar offering in the Great Desert
"Give blue freshness to the crafty one filled with greed."
Give x420 (Foraging Master) to Resting Rhutum in Rhutum Outstation
"What you need when you're having guests—give to the one who likes wagers."
Give x1 and x100 (Craft from Trade Shop in camp) to Houman near Rhakshan Oasis
"Give something that has not fully opened to the one who stands their ground as steadfast as a mountain."
Give x99 (From drops/market) to Naku Davi in Primal Giant Post
"Give something rather sturdy to a quiet chatterbox."
Give x420 (Logging Master) to Treant Spirit in Treant Forest
"Something gold, its value yet unproven—give to the one who serves as a signpost."
Give x25 (Not spiritbound) to Shereza'ban near Shady Forest Oasis
"What you get if you don't sway and face them with an unyielding will."
Rare drop from Chaos Rift (Not seasonal) in Valencia, Kamasylvia and Drieghan
"The yellow light emitted by coolness creates refreshing waves, so you need honesty to coexist with the forest."
Obtained from (with Trent Axe) yellow leaves trees in Southwest Calpheon
"The person who keeps records looks down. Is this person waiting for something sunken somewhere not close and not far?"
Give x1000 to Historian Maudi Budar (100 amity required) in Altinova
Source: KR Forum
"According to an unknown prophet which was not even recorded, what moves the ruler who stands at the top must be a great force that shines from the sky."
Give x40 to Black Dragon Statue (At the top of the map) in Altar of Mages
Source: JP twitter
"Add heat that doesn't sink and fill up from below in a land that some don't have but is a blessing for others."
Obtained from (with Omar Pickaxe) on the Kamasylve Temple map located in North Mediah region
Source: The player KitoKitsune from EU server got it while mining in that specific map. Thanks to TakogawA for helping with the translation!
"Lose way once, kneel down twice, and find three times. Weaving it all together, it becomes a song and wanders the sea."
(In progress) Obtained from somewhere in the Great Ocean?
"Look at the splendid things that make day and the night from afar. Eventually, when they fall, life will sprout, and only those who see the farthest horizon will appreciate their value."
(In progress)
Buy with x10000 from the Medal of Honor Vendor
"The serpent departed to a distant land, rustling the blessings of the sun. To a land where it would shed its skin, dry its body, and spread its warmth."
Rare drop from excavation in the Great Desert
"The goddess added a branch of the divine tree to the thorn tree and made it grow. The grace of goddess began by making the two one."
Give and to Nelydormin in Longleaf Tree Sentry Post
"Devote yourself without knowing what may come."
Achievement: deliver 10 000 000 (10M) points worth of items to Patrigio
Tip: , , = 1144 points each (can be done over multiple weeks)
Source: KR Forum and Youtube and KR Forum
"Taking the time to travel far and wide can lead to unexpected discoveries."
Achievement: sell at least 1 500 000 000 (1.5B) silver worth of items in Merchantry x10
Source: KR Forum , JP Twitter and Discord
"Abundant luck atop an unfathomable blue shall put a smile on the absconded."
Give x3 and x30 (Craft) to Barattan Lancer in Helms Post
Source: Discord
"The combination of the Crow's Eye, Olvian Conch, and Blue Audria."
+ +
"The combination of ominous strands, bristling hopes, and blue dreams will bring forth an ongoing cycle of creation and destruction."
(In progress)
"A pursuer always dreams of the most radiant, uniquely glowing, and faded objects."
(In progress)
Sources: KR/JP/TW forums, Discords, Reddit and my own research using the explorer.