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[Nov 21 Patch Notes] - 2023.11.21 (Official )
[Nov 21 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2023.11.21

Patch Notes

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Nov 21 (Tue) are here!
Adventurers, please see the newly applied patch notes and enjoy an even more exciting adventure.

※ All screenshots in the main text were taken on the test server and may differ from the actual update content.
If there are any discrepancies between the patch notes and the applied content in the game, please contact the support center.



Developer Commentary:

Choryeong is a class that summons Sari Flowers and utilizes them to perform various attacks. However, it was difficult for her to actually perform a variety of attacks because of the slower attack speed of her main skills.

Due to the longer duration of her main skills, Soul Shower and Blooming Death, Super Armor could be maintained for longer periods of time compared to other classes, allowing for a stability that led to a rather simplistic playstyle. Combined with her powerful attacks, she left enemies no room to return with attacks of their own.

In this update, we have slightly increased the attack speed of her main skills while slightly decreasing her attack range.

Furthermore, Soul Shower and Blooming Death could also hit behind Choryeong, making it difficult to confront Choryeong at all. Modifying the skill's range to only attack in front of her will allow for more tense and thrilling combat, where Adventurers must pay more attention to rear attacks and the general status of the battlefield.

Soul Shower
- Changed attack range to only apply in front of Choryeong.
- Slightly decreased skill range.
- Slightly increased attack speed.

Blooming Death
- Changed the attack range to only apply in front Choryeong.
- Slightly decreased skill range.
- Changed the number of charges to 1.
- Slightly increased attack speed.
- Increased cooldown (7 sec → 8 sec).

Developer Commentary:

Solaris wields a gargantuan Jordun that can perform area of effect attacks and is characterized by inflicting damage over time with Ynix's Flame, which can even consume the gods.

Solaris' class-specific traits are further enhanced in this update. First, Ynix's Flame will burn even hotter, inflicting more damage each time its effects are triggered, and Ynix's flame will regenerate even if the effects don't end. In addition, it inflicts damage over a wider range and applies Forward Guard momentarily.

When wielding this gargantuan weapon, its characteristics cannot be overlooked. With the addition of a new effect called Inertia Control, if you combo it with any skills where she attacks with Jordun in wide swings, her attack speed increases, allowing you to deal damage to enemies even more quickly.

Now, you can witness Solaris surrounded by the blazing flames of the Ynix and relentlessly striking down her enemies with her gargantuan Jordun and its scorching firepower.

Ynix's Flame
- Improved to regenerate Ynix's Flame each time skills are used 3 times.
- Improved to deal damage to enemies nearby when "Ynix's Flame" is triggered.
- Added "Forward Guard for 1 sec" to apply when "Ynix's Flame" is triggered.
ㆍ When activated, it deals double the damage over time of "Ynix's Flame."
ㆍ The damage over time maintained afterwards is identical to before.
- Slightly increased attack range.

"Inertia Control"
- Added "Inertia Control."
- Increased attack speed when using skills where you swing the Jordun in a wide motion in combos.
ㆍ Skills where the Jordun is used in a wide swing: Cleansing Flame, Lava Surge, Dragon's Maw, Infernal Purge, Dragon's Rage, Primal Wrath

Developer Commentary:

Drakania harnesses ionic energy to inflict powerful damage to enemies. She mainly uses Wings of Ruin to seemingly split everything in half with her Greatsword.

In this update, we have enhanced the characteristics that make use of Ionic Overflow's and Ionic Charge's effects. Firstly, we changed the effects to be applied to Vorpal Thrust so that they can be applied more frequently. The skill can also now be used more quickly, allowing you to use it more frequently during combat.

Wings of Ruin, her trademark, is one of her main skills that pierces Forward Guard upon use of her ions at max charge. With this update, the skill damage and range will increase for all charge levels. Although she has a lengthy vulnerability window while using the skill, stability is enhanced with the added Forward Guard at charge level 2.

Also, we increased the attack speed of skills she mainly uses and increased the duration of Invincibility for Markthanan's Flight, which is used to evade enemies or secure a spot in the battlefield.

Drakania will not be an easy target now that she unleashes powerful energy to launch her Wings of Ruin. 

Wings of Ruin
- Adjusted the skill damage to increase based on the ion charging level from holding the skill button.
ㆍ Charging Lv 1: 5%
ㆍ Charging Lv 2: 15%
ㆍ Charging Lv 3: 30%
- Slightly increased the skill range for all charging levels.
- Added "Forward Guard for 1 sec" to apply at charging level 2 during Ionic Overflow.
- Added text regarding the damage increase during Ionic Overflow.

Brimbolt Wave
- Added text regarding damage increase during Ionic Overflow.

Vorpal Thrust
- Added the "Ionic Overflow" and "Ionic Charge" effects.
- Increased attack speed.

Markthanan's Flight
- Increased "Invincibility" applied midair during the skill.

Brimbolt Tempest
- Increased attack range.

Ground Zero
- Increased attack range.

Developer Commentary:

Warlord combos his To Arms effect with powerful skills to deal the most destructive damage in the fewest possible actions during battle to pressure his enemies.

To enhance this characteristic of Warlord pressuring his enemies, the skill that is strengthened by the effect of To Arms can now be applied 3 times instead of 2, and the duration will be changed to 13 seconds to maintain the useful buff effect in combat for a longer time.

Along with this, the main skills used when entering or retreating in the enemy's territory have also been improved so that he can immediately transition to a running motion after use, enhancing his mobility even further.

In particular, Backstep can be set through advanced effects to allow for retreating or charging forward. To increase the effectiveness of To Arms, changes have been made to have it be applied as much as possible, and to go further back when retreating. When charging forward, the effects of ""Forward Guard"" and ""Rear Super Armor"" will be applied to enhance stability.

Having attained complete mastery in martial arts, Warlord will overwhelm the enemy with relentless skill combos. Even when in the midst of battle, his perfect form will never falter by being armed for every opportunity.

- Improved to use the same skill immediately without finishing the idle motion.

- Improved to run immediately after skill use.

- Improved to run immediately after skill use.
- Added the "To Arms" effect.
ㆍ Increased the backward travel distance upon skill use.
ㆍ "Forward Guard for 1 sec" and "Rear Super Armor" are applied while charging forward upon skill use while the skill enhancement "Flow: Spirit" is applied.

To Arms
- Changed the "To Arms" effect to disappear after using enhanced skills 3 times.
- Increased the duration of the following buffs: "Reduce PvP damage taken," "Increase damage dealt to monsters," and "Increase Max HP" to 13 seconds.


Developer Commentary:

We have constantly made efforts to add new content that provides a new experience to our Adventurers while thinking of ways to make quality of life improvements for existing content. In this update, we'd like to show you some of the results of our effort.

As a reward for offering at the Black Rock Shrine, the Trials of Ator: Ancient Entry Pass is given to all Adventurers. Although this was initially seen favorably, there was disappointment in seeing it so quickly depleted as an offering reward. To improve upon this, Black Rock Shrine now has an increased total amount of offering rewards so that it can be maintained for a longer period of time.

Collections, as their name suggests, is a space where you can collect various items. It became a burden for some Adventurers, however, who did not particularly enjoy this kind of content. For those Adventurers, we've added a feature that allows you to instantly complete Collections without having to collect all those items.

Finally, since the addition of the Blood Kin Rush, we have consistently received feedback asking for improvements. We have put a lot of thought into how we can improve it while maintaining the essence of interacting with other Blood Kin Adventurers. In this update, we have integrated three stages into one, meaning that the bosses now appear sequentially. We are also developing additional quality of life improvements for the Blood Kin Rush and are preparing to deliver them to Adventurers soon.

In the future, we will continue to provide updates to make your adventures even more enjoyable.

- Significantly increased the total quantity of all Black Rock Shrine items that include [Trials of Ator: Ancient Entry Pass].

- Added a feature that allows you to spend Pearls to instantly complete Collections.
ㆍ A fixed amount of Pearls will be spent for completion regardless of progress.

- Improved all bossess to appear sequentially without having to move stages in Blood Kin Rush.
ㆍ Futher improvements will be updated in the future for Blood Kin Rush.

Developer Commentary:

Recently, Adventurers have been telling us that they are facing inconveniences in defeating monsters in Everfrost. We have been looking into what factors could be causing this feeling among our Adventurers.

We first need to explain how channels work. It is a system where once a certain number of people enter into one, another channel will be created. We have had many Adventurers visit Everfrost to hunt for Eternal Accessories, but as more Adventurers join the hunt and achieve a full set of Eternal Accessories, less and less Adventurers were visiting Everfrost. Due to this, some of you may have felt there were less channels, as there weren't enough people who had entered the current one.

As mentioned above, some Adventurers have mentioned the lack of spots to defeat monsters. Groups of Adventurers have crowded key areas inhabited by the Winter Forest Ronaros, where Supreme EXP Scrolls are obtainable and are generally great spots for PvE efficiency and manual combat.

We think that our Adventurers may have faced some trouble in moving channels and facing many crowded areas such as ones inhabited by the Winter Forest Ronaros that impacted their PvE efficiency.

We've modified the placement of Winter Forest Ronaros to try and alleviate this crowding issue. In addition, we have improved the channel change method to ensure that it is easy to move to another channel even when the number of Adventurers coming in is low.

We are currently working on a future system update that will further improve upon monster zones becoming too crowded. We will continue to make improvements and mitigate any discomfort Adventurers feel in these monster zones. 

- Changed the placement of Winter Forest Ronaros for all CP ranges.
- Changed to move channels more easily even when the number of Adventurers entered is low.

Developer Commentary:

Up until now, Nodes owned were liberated when bidding in Node/Siege War. As a result, if you were defeated in a Node/Siege war, you were unable to own any Nodes.

With the increase in content, we felt that it was time to change how these modes are enjoyed based on the number of Nodes occupied. With this in mind, we improved Nodes to be liberated only when gaining victory in the Node/Siege War after successfully bidding.

The conditions for participating in the Atumach Skirmish, which weren't intuitive because of the previous method, will also be changed. Now, you can only participate in Atumach if you own a Node or a Castle.

With the more intuitive condition for how nodes are liberated, we hope that you can participate more smoothly in the Atumach Skirmish.

- Changed the conditions that liberate Nodes and Castles owned.

ㆍBefore: Liberate Node/Castle already owned on successful Node/Siege War bidding
ㆍAfter: Liberate Node/Castle already owned when gaining victory in the Node/Siege War at 22:00 after successful Node/Siege War bidding

- Added text regarding the usage and support for certain Weapons in the Manage > Weapons menu.
- A tutorial on the specifics of the Tax Wagon will display when you enter Tax Wagon content.

- Changed a participation requirement for Atumach Skirmish.

ㆍBefore: Guilds that have occupied a Node or Castle the previous week
ㆍAfter: Guilds occupying a Node or Castle during the Atumach schedule

- Improved the actual Songakshi's tears to be more visible when Songakshi's Specter appears.

- Improved to auto-enhance Lightstones based on the enhancement level of the Lightstone equipped on the selected Lightstone slate.
ㆍ E.g.) Even if you have a +15 Lightstone equipped on Lightstone Slate 1, if you select Lightstone Slate 2 and attempt Auto-Enhance with a +10 level Lightstone equipped, it will proceed based on whether it can be enhanced to a level higher than +10.
- Improved "Dense Dark Energy" that were sold to vendors to be repurchasable.
- Improved to sort items by grade from the mount inventory.
- Increased the multiplier to 20 that can be set for Cursed Pirate Island.

- Increased Evasion from 4 times to 5 times in content where CP is equalized.
- Changed the Fairy Blossom confirmation window and availability notification to not display when proceeding with Fairy Talk/Fairy Wish when at max trait total with Regal Laila.

- Improved the skill buttons and pings to not overlap in 8-key mode for certain devices.
- Changed all buttons that take you to Adventurer's Guide from each menu to be placed to the right of each content name.
ㆍEmblem, Tasks, Shakatu's Shop, Skills, Knowledge, Pet, Market, Transfer, Guild, Merchantry, Node Manager, Black Shrine, Camp Trading Post: Merchantry, Camp Stable: Manage Wagon, Camp Stable: Manage
ㆍThe button position for the guide in other content will be changed in the future.
- When there are more than 4 results for "Class Recommendation," it will be changed to recommend 3 of the recommendations at random.
- Improved to display an alert window instead of a notification message when failing to delete a character.

Error Fixes

- [Hwaryeong] Fixed an issue where there would be a delay in the activation of "Will of the Fox" upon use of "Twirling Foxflare."

- Fixed an issue where the HP Potion UI on the bottom right would not refresh when the HP Potion in use expires.
- Fixed an issue where tapping the Temple icon on the Great Desert map would navigate you to an abnormal location inside the structure.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, game connection would be unstable while auto-pathing.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the game would end during auto-combat.
- Fixed an issue where the Ramoness Arena entry screen wouldn't disappear under certain circumstances.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't check Daily Tasks under certain circumstances.
- Fixed an issue where an increased CP would display in content where CP is equalized.
- Actual CP did not increase.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to move beyond the intact gate when using certain skills in Valencian Siege War.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't enter Rifts when having a certain number of buffs being applied.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't continue with Blood Kin Rush with Titium falling beneath the ground after performing attacks near a wall.
- Fixed an issue where an abnormal amount of damage would be dealt under certain circumstances to Turaka that appears in Twisted Nightmare.

- Fixed an issue where the Battlefield of the Sun icon would still be displayed even after the enterable time has passed.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, certain UI effects would disappear while auto-questing.
- Fixed an issue where the Sari Flower hit message would be displayed after firing a cannon in Node War, Siege War, and Battlefield of the Sun.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the topography would appear abnormal during cutscenes.
- Fixed an issue where the Abyssal grade setting in the auto-select filter within the Offer Relic screen would appear as if it couldn't be set.
- Fixed an issue where, after returning from the device's home screen or background during a cutscene, the cutscene would play again after it ended.
- Removed the NEW tag related to the addition of the North Valencia area in the Field of Valor: Hadum content.

Early Notice

- The Desert Exploration Log will be improved after the update maintenance on Nov 28 (Tue).
ㆍ Access to the Great Desert and Desert Exploration Log will be restricted from the update maintenance on Nov 28 (Tue) to Nov 30 (Thu), 23:59 due to the above improvement.


Starting Events

Half off on Kayal Nesser's Treasure!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 21 (Tue), 2023 - Nov 27 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Help Velia Prepare for the Winter!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 21 (Tue), 2023 - Dec 4 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Merchants' Offer for Winter Prep
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 21 (Tue), 2023 - Dec 4 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Daily Mission Pass!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 21 (Tue), 2023 - Dec 4 (Mon), 2023, 23:59

Ended Event

· Weekly Mission Event (to Nov 19, 23:59)
· Meet the Bosses From the Tales! (to Nov 19, 23:59)
· 2023 Atumach Tournament
· Collect Dokkebi Bats!
· Into the Land of the Morning Light Tales!

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package
· Black Friday Coin Pack I
· Black Friday Coin Pack II
· Black Friday Coin Pack III
※ These items can be purchased until Dec 11 (Mon), 2023, 23:59.

- Clearance! Shop
· Clearance! Shop
※ This item can be purchased until Dec 11 (Mon), 2023, 23:59.

- New Outfits

Outfit Class Price
Kyrill Lupa, Spiritwalker 960 Black Pearls
Kyrill Weapon Lupa 240 Black Pearls

Lupa, Spiritwalker - Kyrill