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[Oct 24 Patch Notes] - 2023.10.24 (Official )
[Oct 24 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2023.10.24

Patch Notes

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Oct 24 (Tue) are here!
Adventurers, please see the newly applied patch notes and enjoy an even more exciting adventure.

※ All screenshots in the main text were taken on the test server and may differ from the actual update content.
If there are any discrepancies between the patch notes and the applied content in the game, please contact the support center.


Featured Updates - New Class Hwaryeong

Developer Commentary:

Maegu, who lacked talent in the Do arts of the Woodo School since her youth, utilized the powers of her charm through the Foxspirit. Then one day, she comes across the Foxtail Fan she used during her childhood.

What's now different about her is that she uses the powers of the Foxspirit herself. Perhaps due to the experiences in both the Woodo School and Jwado School, Maegu utilizes her Foxtail Fan as a medium to bring forth the Foxspirit's Foxfire to turn into Hwaryeong.

Hwaryeong holds her Foxtail Fan in both hands and attacks with each twirl of the swirling Foxfire with elegant and beautiful movements as if performing a classical dance to deal damage to her enemies.

She mesmerizes her foes with her Foxfire, then after her attacks with her breathtakingly elegant movements, she enhances her physical capability to evade enemy attacks or escape the scene in the blink of an eye.

The radiant and captivating beauty of her Foxfire will be the last spectacle her enemies will ever see.

- The new class Hwaryeong will be Awakened upon character creation.
ㆍ Hwaryeong can only equip Universal Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons.
- Hwaryeong has 4 active skills upon creation. She can gain more skills as she levels up.
ㆍ Reach Lv 10 with Hwaryeong to acquire the title "Beguiling Gaze."
ㆍ If you've already acquired the title, you cannot obtain it again.

Foxtail Fan Mastery
- Imbue the foxfire in your Foxtail Fan and attack as gracefully as if dancing.

Basic Attack

Foxspirit Conduit
Harmonize the Foxfire of the Foxspirit and your own power to achieve a complete unity.

Hwaryeong has skills with the "Accumulate" effect.
When Hwaryeong uses the skills and "Accumulate" is triggered, certain skills will be enhanced for a set time and these skills will be more powerful with an increased attack range and will be casted quickly. Also, Hwaryeong's combat ability will increase.
Additionally, Hwaryeong will recover MP and obtain 2 Spirit Energy when Accumulate is applied.
When Spirit Energy is at max, use of certain skills will trigger Will of the Fox which will avoid enemy attacks for a short period of time.
She can charge toward the enemy line and put them in a state of chaos by collecting Spirit Energy to trigger "Will of the Fox."


Strike down the enemy with your Foxtail Fan, then hit them again.

This skill is useful in PvE with its wide attack range, but it must be used carefully as it does not come with any guard effects such as Super Armor.
Tailwhip enhanced with "Accumulate" has increased attack range, speed, and damage.

Lv Requirement: 1

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Increase AP
- Burn
- MP Recovery
- Inscribe: Aal
- Inscribe: Serrett

Foxflare Fleche

Spot an opening and swiftly charge in for a strike.

Increase combo efficiency with Foxflare Fleche which triggers "Accumulate" by usually utilizing the skill as a charging skill or the first skill used in a combo to enhance the next skill to be used in a combo.

Lv Requirement: 1

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Decrease Crit Chance
- Increase DP
- Reduce Target's MP

Twirling Rhapsody
Twirl around to flank the enemy and strike them.

The skill enhanced with "Accumulate" has increased attack range, speed, and damage.
"Twirling Rhapsody" is utilized to attack enemies from the side. It is a great skill to perform attacks continuously
while moving from a short distance with enough MP, without enemy collision.
This skill at max "Spirit Energy" as "Will of the Fox" is triggered.

Lv Requirement: 1

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Decrease DP
- Reduce MP Cost
- Recover HP
- Inscribe: Ahib
- Inscribe: Labreve

Emberclaw Slash
Powerfully push enemies utilizing the powers of the Foxfire.

This skill, that triggers "Accumulate" upon use, can be utilized in a combo with another skill that triggers "Accumulate."

Lv Requirement: 1

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Decrease Attack Speed
- Decrease AP
- Flow: Sturmwind
- Inscribe: Ahib
- Inscribe: Serrett

Foxflare Cleave
Strike upwards using the claws of the Foxspirit.

This skill can be enhanced with "Accumulate." Its enhanced version increases skill damage.
The skill can be used efficiently if comboed with Emberclaw Slash, as it can be used quickly after the 1st hit with Emberclaw Slash.

Lv Requirement: 10

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Decrease DP
- Bleed
- Extra Charge
- Inscribe: Aal
- Inscribe: Labreve

Fan of Flames
Swing your Foxtail Fan containing the powers of the Foxfire to sweep out enemies in front of you.

Hwaryeong can withstand enemy attacks with the skill's wide range and Forward Guard.
With increased attack range when enhanced with "Accumulate," she can also keep her enemies in check.
This skill can be utilized to debuff combos as Knockdown is inflicted on hit,
and it also can be comboed quickly with Twirling Foxflare, which inflicts Stun and Knockback.

Lv Requirement: 20

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Decrease Move Speed
- Decrease DP
- Super Armor
- Inscribe: Labreve
- Inscribe: Serrett

Foxflare Charge
Wrap your body with Foxfire and charge forward.
The Foxfire inflicts burning pain against nearby enemies.

This skill can be utilized to travel a long distance quickly as Hwaryeong wraps her body with her Foxfire and with "Accumulate."
With enough MP, the skill can be used for extra moves and can also be used instantly during other skills.
It can be used to either leave or enter the battlefield
as Hwaryeong performs attacks against her enemies with her Foxfire once she's done moving.

Lv Requirement: 30

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Extra Move
- Reduce MP Cost
- Increase DP
- Burn

Emberclaw Crush
Move gracefully, then crush foes in front of you with your Foxfire.

Emberclaw Crush is a skill that triggers "Accumulate" and can be used to evade enemy attacks as Hwaryeong moves to the rear.
Hold the skill button and gain Super Armor while attacking in the direction input, then move to the rear
to input directional keys to sprint.
The skill can be used instantly during other skills which makes it useful in the current battle situation.

Lv Requirement: 40

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Decrease Attack Speed
- Increase Move Speed
- Reduce Cooldown

Twirling Foxflare
Strike down enemies multiple times with your Foxtail Fan while swirling around.

There is no enemy collision when attacking them while moving, and while attacking, you cannot be grabbed by enemies.
With "Foxspirit Conduit" applied while "Accumulate" is triggered, the skill will have increased attack speed and attack range.
"Will of the Fox" can be utilized to throw enemies into a state of chaos.

Lv Requirement: 50

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Increase AP
- Flow: Flaregust
- Inscribe: Ahib
- Inscribe: Aal

Emberclaw Torrent
Draw power from the Foxspirit's flames through the fox's eye to eliminate foes.

This skill can trigger "Accumulate" upon skill use. Hwaryeong burns the wide range in front with her Foxfire.
It has a wide attack range and creates a Foxfire Zone, making it useful, but it must be used carefully as there are no guard effects such as Super Armor.
It can be utilized efficiently in a combo with either Twirling Rhapsody or Emberclaw Slash as it combos quickly with the skills.

Lv Requirement: 60

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Reduce Cooldown
- Increase Hit Targets
- Increase Range

Twirling Crane
Reinterpret the Woodo School's Do arts learned in the past in the style of the Jwado School to strengthen her physical powers.

Lv Requirement: 70

Skill Enhancement and Branch Info
- Increase Crit Damage
- Increase Black Spirit Skill Damage

Featured Updates - Tax Wagon Pre-Season

Developer Commentary:

"The Mediah Merchant Union, located between Valencia and Calpheon, was given the sole rights to the "Royal Chef Certificate" by the Kingdom of Valencia. It turned out that they had agreed to send a Tax Wagon loaded with great amounts of currency every week.

It isn't long before the news on the Tax Wagon reaches the ears of many Adventurers. According to the Crow Merchants Guild, the Tax Wagon passes by Rakshan Oasis. The Tax Wagon content opens as the Valencian royal family requests help from the guild occupying the Castle, as they think something must be done about the planned attacks on the Tax Wagon from certain guilds who hear the information."

The Tax Wagon Pre-Season begins with this update. The Tax Wagon content is an expansion of Node/Siege War content. It will proceed differently from Hidden Outer Castle and Hidden Banquet Hall content in which entry is granted to guilds who've gained victory in certain Node Wars or Siege Wars. The attacking faction (guild occupying certain Nodes) can only attack the Tax Wagon with its many members, and the defending faction (guild occupying Valencia Castle) can only attack the attacking faction with less members.

We would like to ask for participation and support from many Adventurers during the pre-season of this Tax Wagon content in which you can either steal tributes or protect them.

- The Tax Wagon Pre-Season in which the Tax Wagon traverses the Great Desert to reach Valencia Castle begins.
ㆍ The pre-season will continue until further notice.
- You can enter the Tax Wagon content on Saturdays between 19:00 to 19:20, and the wagon will depart in around 2 minutes.
ㆍ You can enter freely during the content schedule.
- Your guild must occupy a specific Node or Valencia Castle to participate in this content.
- The Tier 1 to 2 Nodes available for participation in the Tax Wagon content will rotate every week. You can check this information from the Node War Bid menu.

Node Tier Number of Nodes for Participation
Tier 1 2 (Rotates Every Week)
Tier 2 3 (Rotates Every Week)
Tier 3, Valencia Castle All

- You can enter the content via [Guild Fortress - Guild Expedition - Tax Wagon].
- You can either participate as part of the attacking faction or defending faction.
- You cannot select the faction to participate as, and you can check the factions that can participate from [Siege Gateway].
- There are a total of five channels in which one Tax Wagon departs in each.
ㆍ Both the attacking faction and defending faction can select the channel to participate in.
ㆍ Up to 100 participants can enter as the attacking faction and up to 10 can enter as the defending faction per channel.

- A Tax Wagon loads a certain amount of tax and moves to its destination.
- You can check the distance traveled and tax remaining in the Tax Wagon on the right of the screen.

- Tax will automatically be obtained in the inventory based on the damage the attacker deals to the Tax Wagon.
ㆍ Tax Bundles obtainable upon interaction will drop near the Tax Wagon.
- Like Chaos Muraka and Ahib's Griffon, the Tax Wagon's HP is shared across all channels.
ㆍ If there's no tax remaining when the Tax Wagon arrives at the destination, the defending faction will only receive the base tax.
- Participants can only ride on Great Desert mounts.

- Ancient Kutum appears in the path of the Tax Wagon.
ㆍ A Tax Wagon attacked by Kutum will stop moving for a short while.
ㆍ Ancient Kutum that spawns cannot be defeated.
- There are altars, and when you revive in a nearby town, you can revive at a Broken Altar. You can only use them when auto-pathing.

Faction Details
Defending Faction Participation Requirement: The guild occupying Valencia Caslte after the previous week's Siege War
- The defending faction must defend the Tax Wagon until it reaches its destination.
- Members of this faction must protect the Tax Wagon from taking damage from Adventurers of the attacking faction.
ㆍ Adventurers of the defending faction do not take damage from Ancient Kutum and Adventurers of the attacking faction, and debuffs won't be applied.
- Each participant of the faction can obtain individual rewards from the Tax Wagon once it reaches the destination regardless of the channel.
ㆍ Base taxes can be collected even if there are no remaining taxes in the wagon.
ㆍ Each participant will get one fiftieth of the total tax, base tax included.
Attacking Faction Participation Requirement: Guilds occupying Nodes available for participation in the Tax Wagon content from the Sunday of the previous week to the Friday the week of.
ㆍ A guild will not be eligible for participation if the occupied Node is liberated due to Siege War or Node bidding.
- You must attack the Tax Wagon until it reaches the destination.
- Participants of the attacking faction will get tax each time a set amount of damage is dealt to the Tax Wagon's HP. 
ㆍ Taxes seized will be distributed directly to the inventory.
- Adventurers of the attacking faction cannot attack other Adventurers, including Adventurers of the defending faction.
- Adventurers' names will be displayed as "Unknown Adventurer" instead of the Family name.
- Participants of the attacking faction can take damage from the defending faction and Ancient Kutum and debuffs will also be inflicted.
- Taxes siezed will be distributed individually.


Developer Commentary:

Berserker wields his giant Greatsword with much splendor and deals critical damage with rage that builds up as the battle goes on.

With the last class-specific improvements made, he was able to deal significant damage with each attack opportunity. However, with the last update, both his recovery and defense capabilities were overpowered, which didn't quite fit the concept as a berserker who performs powerful attacks when rage is full to knock down enemies even when he takes damage.

With this in mind, we've reduced the HP recovered with Reckoning and changed to recover HP on hit instead. We also adjusted the PvP damage reduction applied during Vengeful Wrath.

With this update, Berserker will now have to either find the perfect attack opportunities or take some damage instead of charging toward his enemies without much risk in order to take control in battle.


- Changed "Recover HP upon skill use" to "Recover HP on hit" for "Reckoning" when at max Rage during "Unleash."
- Decreased the amount of HP recovered for "Reckoning" from 2,000 to 1,000 when at max Rage during "Unleash."

Vengeful Wrath
- Decreased the PvP damage reduction effect from 20% to 15% during "Vengeful Wrath."

Crimson Cyclone
- Increased attack speed of the skill when used during "Vengeful Wrath."
- Increased PvE damage.

Lv 1: 468% → 568%
Lv 10: 608.4% → 738.4%


- Decreased the suggested CP for Co-op Rush: Offin from 35,000 to 30,000.

- Improved to automatically decline when inviting members who've already spent their participation limit for Atumach Skirmish.
- Improved to be able to use the Auto-Fuse Runes feature for up to Abyssal Runes.
- Improved the Market price of [Abyssal] Dark Matter Stones, Valencia Cannons, Shroud Knights' Cannons, and Katan Army Cannons to be adjusted more quickly.
ㆍ The above items registered on the Market before the update maintenance will all expire.

Error Fixes

- [Fletcher] Fixed an issue where arrows would be fired in different directions depending on the topography and not at the target upon use of "Sylvia's Vengeance" even when the target is in front.

- Fixed an issue where quests couldn't be completed from the quests window when you're able to receive the reward after increasing Amity with an NPC in town.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't use Genoveva's Shop as the Black Rock Shrine opened after leaving the shop.
- Fixed an issue where you could obtain offering reward chests from Great Desert appraisal items obtained as a Fairy Gift.
ㆍ The above item will be changed after the update maintenance so that you can obtain Edana's Coins.
- Re-adjusted the location and schedule of the Wandering Merchant in Shahzad.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the frame rate would drop when auto-using HP Potions and Cooking items (meals).

- Fixed an issue where the visual effects wouldn't display for certain UI while auto-questing.

Early Notice

- All Valencia regions will be added to Field of Valor after maintenance on Oct 31 (Tue).
ㆍ Please note the above information for accessing the content.

- The time granted per Chaos Rift entry item will be adjusted to 18 minutes after the update maintenance on Oct 31 (Tue).
ㆍ The Item Drop Rate will also increase with the adjusted time, so you will obtain around the same amount of items per Chaos Rift entry item.
ㆍ The Chaos Rift entry time in possession before the update maintenance will be given based on the above change.


Starting Events

Hwaryeong Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 24 (Tue), 2023 - Nov 6 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Hwaryeong Premium Login
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 24 (Tue), 2023 - Nov 20 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Halloween Puzzle Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 24 (Tue), 2023 - Oct 31 (Tue), 2023, 23:59
Halloween Puzzle Piece Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 24 (Tue), 2023 - Oct 31 (Tue), 2023, 23:59

Ended Event

· Halloween Candy Prep Event
· Finding Sour Lollipops!
· Obtain Candies! Missions
· Get Pumpkin Candies!
· Kayal Nesser's Treasure

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package

· Auntie's Crystal Bunch
· Auntie's Boss Rush Bunch
· Ancient Shadow Chest [2+1]
· Shakatu's Treasure Chest [2+1]
※ These items can be purchased until October 30 (Mon), 2023, 23:59.

- Special Pack > Season Pass
· Completion Essentials Pack
※ This item can be purchased until Dec 10 (Sun), 2023, 23:59.

- New Outfits

Outfit Class Price
Black Swan Kunoichi 960 Black Pearls
Black Swan Weapon Kunoichi 240 Black Pearls
Onyx Jaguar Musa 960 Black Pearls
Flamekissed Maegu 960 Black Pearls
Flamekissed Weapon Maegu 240 Black Pearls
Flamekissed Weapon Hwaryeong 240 Black Pearls
Shudad Weapon Hwaryeong 240 Pearls
Desert Camouflage Weapon Hwaryeong 240 Pearls
Treant Camouflage Weapon Hwaryeong 240 Pearls



[Desert Camouflage]

[Treant Camouflage]

[Black Swan - Kunoichi]

[Onyx Jaguar - Musa]

The outfits will be resold until Nov 13 (Mon), 2023, 23:59.

Outfit Class Price
Cross-Class Outfits I All classes excluding Drakania, Maegu, Woosa, and Igneous 960 Black Pearls
Bloody Suit / Dress Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Valkyrie, Witch, Musa, Sorceress, Dark Knight, Tamer, Striker, Maehwa, Lahn, Mystic classes 960 Black Pearls
Gravekeeper / Ram Horn Witch / Ghost Bride / Fairy Jackie / Gray Fox All classes excluding Drakania, Maegu, Woosa, and Wizard 960 Black Pearls
Marnist All classes excluding Drakania, Maegu, Woosa, and Wizard 960 Black Pearls