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[Oct 17 Patch Notes] - 2023.10.17 (Official )
[Oct 17 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2023.10.17

Patch Notes

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Oct 17 (Tue) are here!
Adventurers, please see the newly applied patch notes and enjoy an even more exciting adventure.

※ All screenshots in the main text were taken on the test server and may differ from the actual update content.
If there are any discrepancies between the patch notes and the applied content in the game, please contact the support center.


Featured Updates - Frost Plains

Developer Commentary:

News has arrived in Duvencrune, the town closest to Everfrost.

"Monsters who were able to withstand the bone-chilling cold, after having lost their energies, have climbed down from the Mountain of Eternal Winter and have started to settle in the Frost Plains."

The Story - "The Mountain of Eternal Winter" could be completed by even newer Adventurers, but monster zones or other major content for further adventures were available from 39,000 CP.

This came as a burden for Adventurers with not enough CP, with Citron Tea being wasted before reaching the suggested CP.

With this update, we've added Frost Plains zones in which even newer Adventurers can loot items while preparing to really start enjoying major content as you climb up Everfrost after completing the Mountain of Eternal Winter story.

- Added a new region, "Frost Plains."
ㆍ You must complete "Ynix, the Holy Flame" from the Story - "The Mountain of Eternal Winter" to enter the above region.

- You can enter Frost Plains from Duvencrune, and there are no excavation goods in this area.
ㆍ Citron Tea will not be consumed when you arrive at the Frost Plains Entrance from Duvencrune.

Zone Suggested CP
Frost Plains Entrance 35,000
Frost Plains Encampment 36,000
Frost Plains Peaks 37,000
Frost Plains Ruins 38,000

- Citron Tea will be spent and Everfrost Monsters will appear in Frost Plains zones.
- You can obtain Chaos Crystals, Roots of Sorcery, [Abyssal] Accessory Chests, Frozen Legacy, and Rough Furballs by defeating monsters in Frost Plains zones.
ㆍ The higher the suggested CP is, the higher the Item Drop Rate.
- The effects applied in Everfrost will apply in Frost Plains zones.
ㆍ The Item Drop Rate and the EXP acquired will increase upon use of a normal or high-quality meal item.
ㆍ Flute of Unity effects will be applied.
ㆍ Hot Time item and server Hot Time effects will not apply.


Developer Commentary:

Hashashin, blessed with the powers of Aal and a very capable assassin, quickly aims for an opening then knocks his enemies down in the blink of an eye with follow-up damage.

However, until now, his casting speed has not been fast enough to fit this concept as an agile assassin.

We've increased his casting speed and damage overall to bring out his characteristics as an assassin. Also, we've made improvements so that you can utilize skills for movement that allows him to quickly approach and evade enemies like a mirage.

Hashashin will now target his enemies at the perfect attack opportunity and deal follow-up damage so quickly that it will be too late when his enemies even attempt to counterattack and see that he is behind them.


Sandstorm Slash

- Removed MP cost.
- Changed the skill enhancement "Reduce MP Cost" to "Additional Attack."

Solar Strike

- Increased attack speed.
- Adjusted PvP damage.

Lv 1: 357% → 414.15%
Lv 10: 464.1% → 538.395%

Eye of the Storm
- Increased distance and attack speed.
- Adjusted PvE and PvP damage.

Lv 1: 550% → 580%
Lv 10: 715% → 754%

Lv 1: 264.6% → 319%
Lv 10: 343.98% → 414.7%

- Increased casting speed.
- Adjusted PvE and PvP damage.

Lv 1: 954% → 1054%
Lv 10: 1240.2% → 1370.2 %

Lv 1: 663.6% → 737.8%
Lv 10: 862.68% → 959.14%


- Increased attack speed.


- Increased skill duration and distance.
- Increased the distance and number of hits for the second skill used.

Sand Saber
- Improved to be able to perform an additional attack by holding the skill button. (Max 2 hits → 4 hits)
- Adjusted PvE and PvP damage.

Lv 1: 737% → 767%
Lv 10: 958.1% → 997.1 %

Lv 1: 236.25% → 421.85%
Lv 10: 307.125% → 548.405%

Breath of Aal
- Adjusted PvE and PvP damage.

Lv 1: 858% → 888%
Lv 10: 1115.4% → 1154.4 %

Lv 1: 420% → 488.4 %
Lv 10: 546% → 634.92%


- Changed to deal damage from shock when the character destroys the Dangsan Tree while Bari performs her Great General summoning ritual.
ㆍ The weather will return to normal in Bari Forest when the Dangsan Tree is destroyed.

- Changed the selling price of the materials for Treasure including [Wave of the Forest] and [Cerantia's Powder] to 50 billion Silver.

Error Fixes

- [Blade Master] Fixed an issue where the character wouldn't charge toward the target when using the skill Flow: Forward Strike during auto-combat.

- Fixed an issue where the exchange would continue even when tapping the back arrow on an Android device while exchanging Relics from the Shakatu Exchange.

Early Notice

- The lowest iOS version required will be adjusted from iOS 11 to iOS 12 with the update maintenance on Nov 7 (Tue).
- After the above adjustment, you will not be able to access the game on iOS 11. Please note this information for the most optimal in-game experience.


Starting Events

Kayal Nesser's Treasure
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 17 (Tue), 2023 - Oct 23 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Grow Halloween Pumpkins
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 17 (Tue), 2023 - Oct 30 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Halloween Lucky Chest Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 17 (Tue), 2023 - Oct 31 (Tue), 2023, 23:59
Collect Halloween Ghosts!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 17 (Tue), 2023 - Oct 31 (Tue), 2023, 23:59
Halloween Themed Background
· Event Period: After maintenance on Oct 17 (Tue), 2023 - until maintenance on Nov 7 (Tue), 2023

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package

· Sorcery Growth Chest [2+Gift]
· Pirate Restoration Chest [2+1]
· All-Inclusive Boss Pack
· Fairy Gift [2+Gift]
· Chaos Adventure Pack
※ These items can be purchased until Oct 30 (Mon), 2023, 23:59.

- New Outfits

Outfit Class Price
Crowned Eagle Wizard 960 Black Pearls
Crowned Eagle Weapon Wizard 240 Black Pearls
Crowned Eagle Weapon Igneous 240 Black Pearls
Cavaro Valkyrie 960 Black Pearls
Cavaro Weapon Valkyrie 240 Black Pearls

Wizard/Igneous - Crowned Eagle

Valkyrie - Cavaro