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[Sep 19 Patch Notes] - 2023.09.19 (Official )
[Sep 19 Patch Notes]

Update Notice

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Sep 19 (Tue) are here!
In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


Featured Updates : Manufacture for Siege Weapons

Developer Commentary:

Now, with the Camp Resources and excavated items obtained through Nodes, you can manufacture Siege Weapons.

When the Manufacture feature was first added, Adventurers were able to craft items needed for progression. You can craft materials using the newly added crafting recipes, then use those materials to manufacture Cannons that you can utilize in Node and Siege Wars.

Not only can you deliver Cannons you craft via Manufacture and collect rewards weekly through Manufacture Delivery, but you can also utilize them more strategically in Node/Siege Wars depending on the effects of each Cannon.

We hope that even adventurers who mainly enjoy playing Life Skill content can find a more meaningful role in guild war content with this new update.

- Three Cannons available for Manufacture will be added.
ㆍ In Node/Siege Wars, you can now summon a total of 6 cannons all at once, including 3 existing Cannons and 3 Cannons added for Manufacture.
ㆍ After the update maintenance on Sep 26 (Tue), the number of basic Cannons that can be summoned will be adjusted according to the maximum number of participants for each Node.

- You can support manufactured Cannons via "Guild Fortress → Armory → Arms Support."

- Cannons provided to the guild can be used in Node Wars and Siege Wars.
- The types of Cannons added are: Shroud Knights' Cannon, Katan Army Cannon, and Valencia Cannon.
ㆍ Cannons are set based on a level 25 ability level.
ㆍ In order to manufacture a Valencia Cannon, the [Royal Manufacturer Certificate] is required, which is obtained as a reward for being in the top 1 to 10 in delivery rank for Manufacture Delivery.
- Changed the appearances of Cannons that already exist in-game.
- The effects of each type of Cannon are as follows.

Cannon Effect

Shroud Knights' Cannon
Double the damage against target Adventurers on hit

Katan Army Cannon
Double the damage to Node objects on hit

Valencia Cannon
Double the damage to target Adventurers and Node objects on hit

Featured Updates : Manufacture Delivery

- Added Manufacture Delivery that you can proceed through Lucy Benkum of the Mediah Merchant Union.
ㆍ You can acquire set delivery points depending on the types of Manufacture items you deliver.
ㆍ You will get rewards every Monday at 00:00 for Manufacture deliveries like for the Mediah Merchant Union Delivery.
ㆍ You can also deliver Manufacture items purchased from the Market.
ㆍ Shroud Knights' Cannon, Katan Army Cannon, and Abyssal Dark Matter Stones can be delivered.
ㆍ Delivery scores will reset every Monday at 00:00.

- Adventurers ranked 1 to 10 when delivery scores reset can obtain the additional reward, [Royal Manufacturer Certificate].
- [Royal Manufacturer Certificate] will be valid for 6 days after acquisition.
- You can craft [Valencia Cannon] once per day while the certificate is valid.
- [Royal Manufacturer Certificate] must be in the character inventory to craft the above item.
- The daily crafting limit of [Valencia Cannon] is shared across the family.
- [Valencia Cannon] is more powerful than the other Cannons currently in-game.

- You can obtain [Mediah Merchant Union Reward] based on your delivery rank.
ㆍ You'll obtain different quantities of Magical Essences, Caphras Dust, Chaos Crystals, and X-Large Stamina Potion, and other items from each different tier of [Mediah Merchant Union Reward].
- All Adventurers exluding those ranked from 1 to 10 will each get [Mediah Merchant Union Reward] of different tiers based on their scores, regardless of their rankings.
- The score required for obtaining each grade of [Mediah Merchant Union Reward] and the quantity of items obtained from the reward are as follows.

Score Delivery Rewards
Magical Essence Caphras Dust Chaos Crystal [Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy X-Large Stamina Potion Silver
800,000 360,000 62,400 560 112 45 4,464,000,000
655,000 294,750 51,090 518 104 42 4,020,390,000
595,000 267,750 46,410 476 96 39 3,984,120,000
475,000 213,750 37,050 385 77 31 3,445,650,000
395,000 207,375 35,945 324 65 26 3,085,740,000
315,000 189,000 32,760 262 53 21 2,636,550,000
235,000 176,250 30,550 198 40 16 2,098,080,000
195,000 155,606 26,972 166 34 14 1,849,770,000
155,000 125,351 21,728 134 27 11 1,556,820,000
125,000 103,290 17,904 109 22 9 1,325,250,000
100,000 84,485 14,645 88 18 8 1,116,000,000
75,000 65,735 11,395 68 14 6 837,000,000
50,000 46,931 8,135 45 9 4 558,000,000
25,000 28,181 4,885 23 5 2 279,000,000
10,000 15,000 2,600 20 4 2 111,600,000
1 5,000 1,300 3 3 1 30,000,000

Featured Updates : Node/Siege War Update

Developer Commentary:

As mentioned at the Heidel Ball, several changes were made to Node Wars.

It was difficult to aim for victory even upon success in bidding for Node Wars if there weren’t enough guild members to compete in a Node War or the CP was too low. With this update, we’ve limited the max number of participants.

In addition, a new reward system will be applied. You can obtain Medals of Honor upon defeat or victory in Node and Siege Wars. More Medals of Honor will be rewarded to the winning guild. These Medals of Honor can be exchanged for items you need from the Guild Fortress.

Guild rewards were also added. We’ve added tier 1 and tier 2 for Hidden Banquet Hall, which can be the objective for a guild. Strong unity between guild members is required to occupy Nodes that will be the next Hidden Banquet Hall.

Changes were also made to Hidden Banquet Hall. Defeat the newly added boss with your guild members.

Furthermore, we have increased the EXP and rewards for the existing Hidden Banquet Hall and Hidden Outer Castle, making them more meaningful objectives.

We hope that this update will bring new life to Siege Wars and Node Wars.

- Revamped tier 1 and 2 Node Wars and changed the number of participants for each Node.
ㆍAdjusted the balance of Node structures to be proportionate to the number of participants.
- Max CP limit will apply to certain tier 2 Nodes.
ㆍ The max CP limit will be based on the "Knight" rank. If your CP exceeds the max CP limit, it will be adjusted.
- Added to display the HP of the Holy Artifact of the enemy guild on the bottom left of the screen when the enemy guild's fort is discovered during a Node War.
- Added to display the info of the Node upon successful Node/Siege bidding from the Guild menu.
- Changed the number of participants for each Node War and Siege War as follows.

Node Tier Participants
Practice Node War Practice 50
Plains of Agris 1 15
Forest of Seclusion 1 50
Ehwaz Hill 1 35
Northern Quarry 1 20
Lynch Farm Ruins 1 20
Castle Ruins Entrance 1 25
Naga Swamplands 1 20
Bradie Fortress 1 40
Harpy Cliff 1 30
Old Dandelion 1 50
Bree Tree Forest 1 30
Forsaken Lands 1 30
Kaia Pier 1 30
Inner Mansha Forest 1 50
Treant Forest 1 15
Crioville 1 50
Behr River Downstream 1 35
Altinova Entrance 1 50
Abandoned Iron Mine Mining Pit 1 25
Kasula Farm 1 15
Velia Farmlands 2 50
Forest of Plunder 2 40
Naga Extraction Mill 2 40
Orc Camp 2 50
Troll Defense Outpost 2 35
Quint Hill 2 35
Cursed Lands 2 40
Hidden Monastery 2 50
Marni's Second Lab 2 50
Highlands 2 50
Altar of Agris 3 50
Dernyl Farm 3 50
Northern Plantation 3 50
Rhutum Outstation 3 50
Ahto Farm 3 50
Calpheon Siege War Siege War 50
Valencian Siege War Siege War 50

- You can obtain the [Splendorous Medal of Honor] as a reward for victory/encouragement in a Node/Siege War.
ㆍ The above item will be sent to the in-game mailbox once the Node or Siege War you participated in ends.
ㆍ The quantity of rewards based on victory or defeat and the tier of Node or Siege War are as follows.

Participation Tier Upon Victory Upon Defeat
Tier 1, 2 Node War 5 1
Tier 3 Node & Siege War 10 2

- You can still claim the medal if your guild participated in a Node or Siege War, even if you did not participate in the battle yourself.
ㆍ Guild members who have not been a member for 7 days cannot obtain the medal.
ㆍ [Splendorous Medal of Honor] must be collected from the in-game mailbox within 7 days.
- Changed the content of the Guild Bonus mail.

- [Splendorous Medal of Honor] can be exchanged for a variety of items from Duncan at the Guild Fortress.

Item Weekly Exchange Required Number of Medals
Harmony Scroll x1 1 9
Ancient Inscribed Glyph x2 2 3
Lapis Lazuli x5 3 3
Jumbo Stamina Potion x1 1 5
Alyaelli Fragment x1,000 5 3
Fortune Scroll (1 Hour) x1 2 3
Magical Essence x34,000 9 1

- Changed the topography of the Hidden Banquet Hall.
ㆍ Up to 50 guild members can enter at once.
- Guilds that have occupied a Node that allows them to attempt to reclaim the Banquet Hall can make attempt to reclaim the Hidden Banquet Hall once per day from the Reclaim menu.
ㆍ The Node where you can attempt to reclaim the Banquet Hall changes every week, and you can check it through the [Guild Fortress - Siege Gateway].
ㆍ The guild master can attempt to reclaim via the [Guild Fortress - Guild Expedition Building - Reclaim] menu.
ㆍ After the update, you can attempt to Reclaim Hidden Banquet Halls once your guild wins a Node War for the Next Banquet Hall or occupy a Node without a drop of blood.
ㆍYou can attempt to Reclaim tier 3 Banquet Halls for Node and Siege Wars right after the update.
- Increased the rewards you can obtain from tier 3 Hidden Banquet Hall, Siege Banquet Hall, and Hidden Outer Castle.
- Added EXP buff effect in the Hidden Banquet Hall.

Location EXP Buff
Tier 2 Node Hidden Banquet Hall 30%
Tier 3 Node Hidden Banquet Hall 50%
Siege War Hidden Banquet Hall 70%
Hidden Outer Castle  100%

- Added [Former Lord's Rusty Crown] items that can be used in the Hidden Banquet Hall.
ㆍ The "Former Lord of Cron Castle" will be summoned in the Banquet Hall in progress upon use.
- [Former Lord's Rusty Crown] can be obtained by the Guild Master via [Guild Fortress - Monument - Castle Perks] when capturing a node that can open the Hidden Banquet Hall.
ㆍ It can be obtained when your guild gains victory in Node War/Siege War or when you occupy a Node without shedding a single drop of blood after the update.
ㆍ Obtain different items depending on the tier of the Node.
ㆍ The [Former Lord's Rusty Crown] can only be used in the Hidden Banquet Hall of the same tier Node.
ㆍ E.g.) The [Former Lord's Rusty Crown] obtained by occupying Agris Plains [Tier 1] can only be used in the [Tier 1] Hidden Banquet Hall.

- The boss can be summoned using the summon item from the "Soulworn Statue" located within the Hidden Banquet Hall.
ㆍ The damage dealt to the "Former Lord of Cron Castle" is applied based on skill damage, not CP.
ㆍ You can obtain [Splendorous Medal of Honor] when you defeat it.


Developer Commentary:

The pre-season for season characters, which was introduced for the first time, has ended. We appreciate the support and interest from our Adventurers, although there were still areas of improvement.

The season character was updated for new Adventurers who are embarking on their first adventure and for returning adventurers as a guide to help them adapt more quickly to Black Desert Mobile. We are planning on introducing the season character again through the official season that will begin on Sep 26 (Tue).

We hope you look forward to the official season.

- The official season is scheduled to start after the update maintenance on Sep 26 (Tue), after the pre-season ends.
- You will no longer be able to proceed with the Season Pass nor create a season character.
ㆍ You cannot collect the rewards of Season Pass quests that weren't completed.
- Season characters who haven't completed the season will turn into non-season characters.
- If you haven't yet completed the season, the following measures will be taken.
ㆍ Deletion of all season-related items including Tuvala Weapons/Armor, Accessories, Relics, Totem, Alchemy Stone, Scrolls, Chests, and more.
ㆍ Deletion of mail collection records related to season items.
ㆍ Deletion of all Season Pass quests completed, in progress, and unaccepted.
- The following compensation was made for the Tuvala Gear in possession.
ㆍ For each piece of gear, only the one of the highest enhancement level either equipped or in your possession will be compensated.

Tuvala Gear Enhancement Level Before End of Season Compensation After End of Season
Tuvala Weapon/Armor Awakened Enhancement +14 or below +0 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +15 +1 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +16 +2 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +17 +3 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +18 +4 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +19 +5 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +20 +6 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Tuvala Accessory Awakened Enhancement +6 or below +0 Chaos Accessory
Awakened Enhancement +7 +1 Chaos Accessory
Awakened Enhancement +8 +2 Chaos Accessory
Awakened Enhancement +9 +3 Chaos Accessory
Awakened Enhancement +10 +4 Chaos Accessory
Tuvala Totem 0 to +10 Enhancement Level Primal Totem of the same enhancement level
Tuvala Relic +6 or below Enhancement Level +0 Primal Relic
+7 Enhancement Level +1 Primal Relic
+8 Enhancement Level +2 Primal Relic
+9 Enhancement Level +3 Primal Relic
+10 Enhancement Level +4 Primal Relic
Tuvala Alchemy Stone Before it is Awakened +0 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +4 or below
Awakened Enhancement +5 +1 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +6 +2 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +7 +3 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +8 +4 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +9 +5 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +10 +6 Primal Alchemy Stone

ㆍ All items compensated were sent to the in-game mailbox.
- If you have all the Tuvala Gear required for season completion after completing all the Season Pass quests, the season will automatically be completed and Perilla's Star will also be sent to the in-game mailbox.
- Character slots will not be added for the official season.
ㆍ If you have already expanded all character slots, you must delete an existing character to create a season character.

- The "Life EXP Gain Buff" effect obtained through the "Artisan's Monument" and "Purified Tree Spirit's Seed" also applies in Manufacture.
- Added "Manufacture EXP +20%" as an effect for Life Plus.
- Changed the icon for [Mediah Merchant Union Reward] obtained through Mediah Merchant Union Delivery (Cooking).

- Increased the Item Drop Rate for certain zones in West Kamasylvia.
- Adjustments will not be made for the Chaos Rift in West Kamasylvia.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where Auto-Rush wouldn't work properly in Black Spirit Mode.
ㆍThe temporary restriction for access to Auto-Rush in Black Spirit Mode (Elion, Hadum) has been lifted.
ㆍWe're currently checking the details, and will notify you of the details later once they're confirmed.
- Fixed an issue where the progress wouldn't refresh while dispatch is in progress for Tower of Trials.
- Fixed an issue where the text "Too many items of the same type cannot be copied." would display in certain situations during item copy.
- Fixed an issue where the remaining Auto-Buy wouldn't continue when acquiring the best reward during Auto-Buy at the Lucky Shop.

- Fixed an issue where exclamation marks would display on Relics in the Enhance menu when the equipped Relic has been enhanced to its max branch level.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the guide that indicates the Craft Chaos Gear button would display with all Chaos Gear pieces equipped.
- Fixed an issue where descriptions of other items would not display after accessing the Refinery.

Early Notice

- The time required to build structures in Camp will decrease.
ㆍ The Stamina required for instant completion will decrease with the reduced time.
- The level of the Rift Stone available for usage of Blazing Chaos Crystals will change to 200.
ㆍ Please note the above information for the most optimal in-game experience.


Starting Events

A Mysterious Ship From a New Realm
· Event Period: After maintenance on Sep 19 (Tue), 2023 - Sep 25 (Mon), 23:59
The Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients
· Event Period: After maintenance on Sep 19 (Tue), 2023 - Sep 25 (Mon), 23:59
Bingo Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Sep 19 (Tue), 2023 - Sep 25 (Mon), 23:59
Bingo Pass Daily Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Sep 19 (Tue), 2023 - Sep 25 (Mon), 23:59


Ended Events

· Create a Season Character!
· Season Veteran Training!

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package

· Land of the Morning Light Prep Pack (I & II)
· Lucky Adventure Prep Pack
· Lucky Co-op Rush Pack
· Morning Light Moonstone Chest [2+1]

※ These items can be purchased until Sep 25 (Mon), 2023, 23:59.

- New Outfits

Outfit  Class Price
Chronosmith Wizard 960 Black Pearls
Crowned Eagle Sura 960 Black Pearls
Crowned Eagle Weapon Sura 240 Black Pearls


[Chronosmith - Wizard]

[Crowned Eagle - Sura]